Our Launch: Why Women In Tech?

As an organization based in the Bay Area, there are a myriad of choices when it comes to finding the right venture, event, and venue to launch BeYourIntention.com. 

But when you think of the Bay Area, you think: technology, innovation, start-ups, and Silicon Valley. And rightly so. San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and the Bay Area as a whole, is at the center of the tech boom that's been sweeping the nation. 

The tech industry is thriving. But on the flip side, women in technology are far and few. Here are some statistics via Observer:

  • Only 20% of tech jobs are held by women. 
  • Only 5% of startups are women owned. 
  • Women hold only 11% of executive positions in Silicon Valley.
  • The quit rate in the tech industry is 41% for women vs. 17% for men. 
  • Women-led tech companies received $1.46 billion in venture capital funding vs. $58.2 billion for men-led companies.

Additionally, according to an article published in Small Business Trends, overall, women hold only 25% of leadership positions in Tech companies.

You may be wondering why, because we certainly did. 

Here's what we discovered: 

What's holding women back from Tech jobs

Graph via smallbiztrends.com 

As an organization focused on supporting women overcome limiting beliefs to reach their most pressing personal, professional, and/or emotional goal, we felt compelled to join Silicon Valley Forum in their efforts to bolster women and celebrate Women in Tech at their 5th annual Women in Tech Festival

In our estimation, Women in Tech are taking the road less traveled, have tenacity, and are forging a pathway for the next generation of women.

We want to stand with them, support them, and celebrate these women who are improving our world. 

Please come join us if you're in the Greater Bay Area. Or simply join our community by signing up to our email list. You can expect inspiring stories of women just like you breaking through to reach their most pressing personal, professional, or emotional goal. 

The Be Your Intention Team