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Take a moment to think of your current most pressing personal, professional, and/or emotional goal. What is your intention around that goal? What would you have to DO, BE, or HAVE to achieve your goal?

Now reduce it down to one word. 

When you think of that word, it should resonate with you to the point that it causes a tingling sensation to rise up.

That is your Intention Word. 

If you're feeling stuck and unsure of what your Intention Word is, here are some of the Intention Words other women have chosen to help them on their journey to their own personal success. Let these Intention Words inspire you and guide you to your own personal Intention Word. 



The story behind The Intention Bracelet...a story of personal triumph.
By Rebecca Kim Scott


The Intention Bracelet was born of a personal struggle to overcome a deeply rooted limiting belief that was blocking me from achieving the goal I had set out to achieve by the year's end. 

One day, out of frustration I stopped right in the middle of a project, walked over to my work bench and stamped out the word "breakthrough" onto a gold bar.

"Breakthrough" was the one word that kept popping up every time I felt stuck or found myself in a state of struggle facing challenges at work and in life.

I decided to wear my Intention Word so I could continually and throughout the day be reminded of my commitment to "breakthrough."

That year, I doubled my sales.

I not only achieved my goal, I surpassed it. And I believe the constant reminder to "breakthrough" was pivotal in helping me achieve that goal.

So give yourself the support you need to move forward with your own goals. Whether your goals stem from a personal, professional or emotional level, the Intention Bracelet is there to gently but persistently remind you of the commitment to yourself, to help you break free of your own limiting beliefs, so you can achieve anything you set your heart and mind to.  


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